Charity Work

Why Chatham?

The culture of Chatham, MA was built on the fishing industry. Without this industry Chatham would not be what it is today. This tournament gives locals, summer families, and tourists a chance to participate in an event dedicated to Chatham’s culture. How many times have you been at the Squire and heard the stories of the big fish one of your friends caught over the weekend? Well, now everyone has a chance to put their name in the record books and bring some validity to their story.

How it started?

After fishing tournaments up and down the Eastern seaboard I always wanted to see a tournament in Chatham. After years of talking about starting the event and getting numerous requests from anglers who wanted to fish it, the time was finally right. With months of phone calls to potential sponsors and hosts and we were able to get the Monomoy Shootout off the ground. After we secured a great venue to hold the weigh-in, Stage Harbor Yacht Club, there was no looking back!

Our Goal:

From the start this tournament was determined to be “fisherman focused”. We wanted to make this an event everyone would look forward to fishing every year. We also wanted to work with the town and give back wherever we could. Joining up with the Chatham Food Pantry was one of our first donations. We are motivated and excited to bring more donations to multiple charities over many years of fishing the Monomoy Shootout. We hope this tournament becomes a staple in the community and drives awareness to the amazing fishery we have here on Cape Cod.

We also have a passion to support sustainable fisheries on Cape Cod. We are focused on supporting those (both commercial and recreational) who use sustainable fishing practices and “fish responsibly”. This is our fishery and we all have a responsibility to protect it!